Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Historically Speaking ....

      Always the constant tinkerer I could never resist, from a very young age, the urge to disassemble any small electronic to see how it worked. In my early attempts I was often rewarded with a toy that no longer worked. I could never understand this since I swear I put everything back the way it was ..... well, maybe one wire was still loose .... but still! My techniques and knowledge got more and more refined and then the first "personal computers" came out on the market. These "computers" were driven by a cassette tape. I was drawn like a moth to a flame, unable to resist the pull of the mother of all electronics: a computer. I really wanted to be a veterinarian!
      Doomed to suffer the irresistible urge to know how and what made things tick I consumed all I could about computer hardware and software. My first real computer (I still can't believe the cassette deal was considered a computer, it was made by Casio) was from Radio Shack. This little beauty did not have a hard drive and came with one floppy drive. There was no internet. Then a second floppy drive .... yaaaa ... I can swap out floppies. Programming in Basic just got so much sweeter <insert eye roll>. Then the backpack drive:  an external hard drive. OMG this was heaven. I had a smelly, rude, inconsiderate Radio Shack technician arrive at my home to install it. I watched his every move, like a hawk. WTH! I could have done that! And I'm nicer. Between my Radio Shack experience, the lack of available on-site computer service for a new and emerging market and what I learned about running an IT sales force, my first tech company was born. That was just shy of 30 years ago.
      So, here I was, thrust into the life of a technician by accident for which, I concede, I capitalized on. Once upon a time I even wished I would have a job that required my driving, lots and lots. So here I am today, finding myself driving and occasionally getting out for a break to repair a TV or computer, then, off to drive some more. I've had many adventures, met many different people, and endured experiences high and low.
      From the farting dog, to the Elvis impersonator I have encountered hilarious moments in time during a regular family day. I've seen businesses in all their candid disarray and will always protect the innocent in my stories. Some stories are sad, some are humbling, and others just downright scary. I've walked out on jobs and others walked away with new friends.
      I hope someone enjoys this blog I will do my best to maintain and continually add to. I have hundreds of service calls each a story of it's own. There aren't many I have been on so unremarkable I completely forget. So dear reader, enjoy!

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  1. I look forward to continuing enjoyment of your writing skills (and hope not to recognize myself in any of your stories).