Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Sanyo Speaks

I logged 295 miles today, it was a clear day until the sky started falling after dark (it snowed, hard for awhile).

Gas: $2.65/gallon ... woohoo!!!!

It's been nice not having to drive hundreds of miles on a daily basis, not so nice the break has been spent mostly trying to recuperate and regain my health. I have also noticed how hard it is to get back into the daily driving routine. This makes me thankful for easy rides and easy jobs like today, once I get going.

And the manufacturer strikes again: I was dispatched to repair a set of speakers. My favorite. NOT. Usually speaker issues are intermittent and can mask deeper problems, none have ever been cut and dried. Except maybe, just maybe, today. I actually was able to replicate the problem fairly quickly and consistently, we're off to a great start here. Time to get down to business.

I take the TV apart, test all the connections, make sure voltage readings are adequate, wiring is still connected, nothing out of place. So far so good. Remove the old speakers, unwind them from here, and then there, through the plastic chassis, around the bend, over the river ... ok, speakers out, Set the new speakers in ... the line for the replacement right speaker is about 5" shorter than the original.

Oh boy. No way I'm coming back, not gonna happen. I can do this.

Just a little creative rewiring is all. Success, whew. Now for the vinyl tape, and no we aren't talking thick electrical tape. This is thin and delicate and likes to curl up and stick to itself. Everything was swell, until the last piece that just kept escaping my grasp and curling itself up. But hey, the TV was fixed, another happy customer.

Gas was $2.79/gallon by the time I returned home.  Sigh.

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