Thursday, April 28, 2016

Poot Poot

Usually I bring along a laser pointer on job sites with me. The idea behind this is to entertain the pets in the house while I'm waiting on hold to finish the job. I stopped bringing treats since I discovered there's a lot of people who have their pets on special diets. When I use a laser pointer to entertain myself with my customers furry friends it's always been amusing. One service call in particular had me in stitches.

I called into the main office to close the call. My whole time was pretty lengthy. I pulled out my laser pointer and started playing with the dog. He didn't seem too interested in my laser pointer so I started making strange sounds. This got the craziest looks on his face is from the sounds I was making which was pretty funny in itself. The best was when I made a raspberry sound and the dog stopped, turned around and looked at its butt. I thought, "No way, this has to be a fluke". So I did it again. Once again the dog stop turned around and looked at its butt. I found the key. No matter how many times or how long I waited every time I made a raspberry sound the dog looked at its butt.

I couldn't help but wonder what the heck they're feeding their dog that causes it to fart so much since that's the only reason I could imagine the dog turning and looking at its butt every time I made a raspberry sound. 

Thankfully my customer was also amused and confused, but she now had a new "toy".

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