Tuesday, May 10, 2016

South Beloit Snow

I logged 170 miles on this trip which was rescheduled twice for the snow. Even with that aside, I still schlepped up there because, well, it was Sharp Electronics. My help desk was warmly situated in Boca Raton, Florida where there's sun and warm and they sit in a cubicle. On days like this one I don't know which end is worse to be on, really. Bonus for me not getting stuck in a ditch though!!!!

Some people are nice, some people are aloof and some are rude (not too many). Some people are just so absorbed in their phones they can't help themselves. Then their phone absorbed friends come over and they sit on different couches with their noses in their phones. 

In the end this poor lady got a panel replacement. Over two hours on site diagnosing, swapping parts and testing. I would chalk it up to a nice, scenic drive, but snow is stressful ... LOL.

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